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Year 2016

Meet Graduate Student Xavier Primus: Jack of All Trades, profile the many talents of CSC grad student, Xavier Primus; Technician, by April Smith, Feb. 03

Meet Scott Vu: Scholar, Innovator and Dancer, the CSC alum, co-founder and CEO of RiboWiz Scientific, talks about the impact that Drs. Donald Bitzer & Tiffany Barnes had on his life; Technician by Maddy Bonnabeaux, Jan. 18

2,000 Expected at Largest Gaming Event on East Coast, 14 universities across the Carolinas field participating teams including CSC students from NC State; Technician by Sasha Afanasyeva, Jan. 13

Year 2015

Do Robots Own Your Future?, provides a special Q&A with CSC alum and Director of Engineering Entrepreneurs Program, Marshall Brain; The News & Observer by Reid Creager, Dec. 27

Crystal Island Game Emphasizes Scientific Inquiry, profiles the collaborative research led by Dr. James Lester in the Center for Educational Informatics; Technician, by Carolyn Thompson, Oct. 19

Girls Code & Create, video of special girl's summer camp at NC State featuring Dr. Tiffany Barnes (starts at the 8:10 mark); UNCTV's North Carolina Now by Kelley McHenry, Oct. 07

Researchers Tackle Software Security Tools, focuses on research led by Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill; SD Timesby Christina Mulligan, Aug. 26

Want To 'Talk' To Your Dog? NCSU Researchers Are Changing Communication With Canines, more news coverage for Dr. Roberts & Diesel; WUNC, by Charlie Shelton, Jul. 11

'Smart Harness' Makes It Easier for Dogs and Humans to Communicate, features collaborative research involving Dr. Dave Roberts; NBC News, by Reuters staff, Jul. 06

Video Game Promotes Science, Literacy, quotes Dr. Brad Mott; Technician Online, by Lindsey Smith, Jun. 18

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Online Graduate IT Program, quotes Dr. George Rouskas, director of graduate programs; US News & World Report, by Devon Haynie, Apr. 17

On Cyber Security: It's a "Hostile" Environment Out There, quotes Sammie Carter, adjunct faculty; who served on panel at TBJ's Cyber Security Symposium; Triangle Business Journal, by Lauren Ohnesorge, Apr. 16

Durham-based Company Developing On-demand Bus App, profiles latest product of TransLoc, a company founded 11 years ago by NCSU CSC students; WRAL, by Brian Shrader, Mar. 30

Crooks' New Target: Your Rewards Points, article on how cyberthieves empty out poorly secured hotel, airline accounts quotes Sammie Carter, adjunct faculty;, by Daniel Workman, Mar. 25

Redmond Boffins' Infosec Trick Will Ship Better Code, Faster, discusses research partnership between department and Microsoft; The Register, by Darren Pauli, Mar. 17

Wake School Board Security Policy May Violate the Law, quotes Sammie Carter, adjunct faculty member;, by Mark Binker, Mar. 17

Hi-Tech Teens Gives Girls a Place to Learn About Computer Science, features WiCS student involvement; Midtown Raleigh News, by Sarah Barr, Feb. 23

NC Residents Likely Affected by Anthem Insurance Data Breach, Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill is quoted on impact of personal & medical data breach;, by Ariell Clay, Feb. 06

NC State Continues UAV Momentum After Boring Flight, CSC involved in the ongoing testing of UAV technology; UAS Magazine, by Emily Aasand, Feb. 05

Google Fiber Possibly Coming to Triangle, Charlotte, Dr. Harry Perros is quoted in the local news clip; Time Warner Cable News 14, by Chris Williams, Jan. 26

Making The Internet 'A Safer Place', Radio interview features Dr. Laurie Williams; WUNC Radio, by Will Michaels & Frank Stasio, Jan. 21

Year 2014

Road Worrier: Google Maps and Waze Tell Us Where to Go, PhD student Scott Carpenter weighs in on Waze; News & Observer, by Bruce Siceloff, Dec. 29

NC State Researchers Invent Ways to Communicate with Dogs, another great story about Dr. Dave Roberts and his colleagues' research efforts; News & Observer, by Jim Lasley, Dec. 10

For CIOs, Universities Can’t Train Data Scientists Fast Enough, features Dr. Michael Rappa and his Institute for Advanced Analytics; Wall Street Journal, by Clint Boulton, Nov. 10

Innovation: Harness Could Allow Dogs, Humans To Communicate, profiles research of Dr. Dave Roberts and the Cyber-Enhanced Working Dog harness which will allow humans to monitor dogs' physical and emotional states remotely, such as in search and rescue operations; NPR, by Samantha Raphelson, Nov. 06

Hi-Tech Harness Helps Dogs and People Communicate, profiles research of Dr. Dave Roberts; Discovery News, by Sheila Eldred, Oct. 30

Tap to Fetch: Scientists Connect Phones with Cyber-Enhanced Dogs, highlights Cyber-Enhanced Working Dog (CEWD) project, the brainchild of David Roberts and Alper Bozkurt; NBC News, by Keith Wagstaff, Oct. 30

What You Need to Know About 'Shellshock,' the Bug Threatening Red Hatters, CIOs Everywhere, quotes CSC adjunct and cyber-security expert, Sammie Carter; Triangle Business Journal, by Lauren K. Ohnesorge, Sep. 25

UGSA Strives to Connect More Graduate Students, highlights leadership of CSC PhD students David Fiala and Barry Peddycord III; The Technician, by Emily Duckett, Sep. 23

IBM Opens 'Cloud Resiliency Center' in Research Triangle Park, CSC adjunct, Sammie Carter speaks to the value for companies; Time Warner Cable News, by Chris Williams, Sep. 22

Park Scholars Build a Legacy of Sustainability with Solar Flora at Hunt, highlights an innovative project co-led by CSC senior, ambassador and Park Scholar, Xavier Primus; The Technician, by Ian Grice, Sep. 10

N.C. State Professor: Here's Why the Home Depot Breach Could be the Worst Yet, CSC adjunct, Sammie Carter, tells the TBJ just how easy it is to get stolen credit card info on the black market ; Triangle Business Journal, by Lauren K. Ohnesorge, Sep. 10

NC State Researchers Develop Drones to Assist Firefighters, profiles collaborative research between CSC and MAE; The Technician, by Sasha Afanasyeva, Sep. 09

New Attacks Secretly Use Smartphone Cameras, Speakers and Microphones, features CSC PhD student Luke Deshotels; ComputerWorld, by Darlene Storm, Aug. 20

Plug-and-play Android Security Layer Outlined by NC State Researchers, profiles research of Dr. Will Enck; NetworkWorld, by Jon Gold, Aug. 20

SAS CEO Goodnight, N.C. State Partner on Cyber-security, Big Data, addresses partnership involving CSC department; Triangle Business Journal, by Lauren K. Ohnesorge, Aug. 11

SOAR MENTEE: Psychologist Turned Gaming Guru Combats Kids Social Issues With Play, profiles collaborative research involving Dr. James Lester;, by Laura Baverman, Aug. 05

What You Need to Know About Security Breaches at Jimmy John's, P.F. Chang’s, CSC's Sammie Carter weighs in as a cyber security expert; Triangle Business Journal, by Lauren K. Ohnesorge, Aug. 05

Greensboro Man Using Technology to Help People and Their Service Dogs Interact More Efficiently, profiles CSC grad student Sean Mealin; WGHP Fox News 8, by Natalie Wilson, Jul. 30

Dispatches From a Connected Future, profiles Dr. David Roberts' research involving canine-computer interaction; The Huffington Post, by Aaron Dubrow, Jul. 18

N.C. State Chancellor Confirmed as First Poly President, details hiring of Dr. Randy Avent, professor and associate vice chancellor of research development at NC State University, as the inaugural president of Florida Polytechnic University; The Tampa Tribune, by Jerome Stockfisch, Jun. 19

NCSU, Microsoft: Video Game Developers are a Different Breed, profiles research of Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill; Triangle Business Journal, by Dawn Kurry, May. 06

Canine 2.0: Dogs in High-Tech Gear Could Aid Search-and-Rescue Efforts, profiles multi-institutional research efforts involving Dr. Dave Roberts; LiveScience, by Tanya Lewis, May. 05

Smart Harness Could Turn Rescue Dogs into Four-legged Reconnaissance Systems, a sample of the broad news coverage Dr. Roberts' research is receiving; Gizmag, by Ben Coxworth, May. 05

Nude Instagram Pictures Involving Wake Teens Linked to Cyberbullying, quotes cyber-security expert, Dr. Will Enck; WTVD 11, Apr. 21

NCSU Launches Drone Contest, features quotes from CSC students and Dr. Rudra Dutta; News & Observer, by Dan Kane, Apr. 12

Students Create Service to Combat Drunk Driving, profiles program created by two CSC undergraduates; The Technician, by Jess Thomas, Apr. 03

Students Test Potential of Google Glass, features quotes from CSC grad students Sina Bahram and Arpan Chakraborty; The Technician, by Kaitlin Montgomery, Mar. 28

N.C. State Researchers Devise Tool That Detects Android Malware, profiles research of Drs. Helen Gu & Will Enck; ComputerWorld, by Joab Jackson, Mar. 07

N.C. State Optimistic About IT Field Despite Market Fluctuation, quotes Ken Tate on disconnect between NCTA report and NC State experience; The Technician, by Jake Moser, Feb. 21

Finding Coding’s Proper Place in the Curriculum, CSC faculty weigh in on topic of whether the US should make programming a mandatory requirement for K-12 students; The Technician, by Jake Moser, Feb. 12

TBJ's 2014 Health Care Heroes Finalists Revealed, includes Dr. Laurie Williams for her research in Healthcare IT; Triangle Business Journal, by Cameron Snipes, Feb. 10

Researchers Implement HPC-First Cloud Approach, profiles work of Patrick Dreher and Mladen Vouk, a proof-of-concept for a novel high-performance cloud computing platform by merging a cloud computing environment with a supercomputer; HPCwire, by Tiffany Trader, Jan. 29

Year 2013

Cybersecurity Often an Afterthought, Dr. Laurie Williams featured in this WRAL story on cybersecurity threats in light of recent events involving Target hack; WRAL TV-5, by Cullen Browder, Dec. 19

N.C. State Partners with State IT Office on Centennial Campus, details new opportunities for CSC students; Triangle Business Journal, by Jason deBruyn, Nov. 11

Data Scientists Needed: Why This Career is Exploding Right Now, lists NC State among notable schools with data science degrees (Masters in Advanced Analytics); Venture Beat, by Meghan Kelly, Nov. 11

Phone Makers’ Android Tweaks Cause Security Problems, spotlights research by Dr. Xuxian Jiang; MIT Technology Review, by Rachel Metz, Nov. 05

Beyond a Gadget: Google Glass is a Boon to Disabled, quotes NC State CSC PhD candidate Sina Bahram; USA Today, by Marco della Cava, Oct. 23

Cloud Control: Universities Put IaaS into Action, spotlights NC State's VCL technology and it's spread to other universities; EdTech Magazine, by Wylie Wong, Oct. 14

Deep Within a Traditional Bank, Start-Up Culture Thrives, profiles the partnership we enjoy with Super ePartner, Deutsche Bank Global Technology; Bank Technology News, by Sean Sposito, Sep. 18

Scaling Up Personalized Query Results For Next Generation Of Search Engines, profiles Dr. Kemafor Anyanwu's research; RedOrbit, by staff writer, Sep. 18

Big Data Profile: Michael Rappa, Institute For Advanced Analytics, profiles the creator of the nation's first master of science in analytics degree; InformationWeek, by Ellis Booker, Aug. 26

NSA Establishes $60M Data Analytics Lab at N.C. State, profiles the largest research grant in NCSU’s history; News & Observer, by Jane Stancill, Aug. 15

NSA Contract Cements N.C. State’s Status as Big Player in Big Data; TBJ, by Jason deBruyn, Aug. 15

Zerg in Starcraft? Research Shows How to Win in RTS Computer Games, profiles Dr. David L. Roberts' research; Science World Report, by Mark Hoffman, Aug. 15

Budding Fitness Buffs Get Up Early and Tri Tri Tri, special interest story features CSC Senior and Triangle Triathlon participant, Max Schweizer; News & Observer, by Jack Daly, Jul. 20

NC State Develops ‘Virtual Crime Scenes', a triad TV news report shows how our gaming technology is being put to new uses; WGHP-TV, by Bob Buckley, Jul. 14

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