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Computer Science Future Students
Know About Teamwork

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Bring Stories to Life

Thushan Amarasiriwardena has taken his childhood love of building things, taking pictures, making videos and creating stories and turned it into Toontastic.
Make Technology More Accessible

As an IBM software engineer, Kate Lemanski Mercer works to make technology accessible to all users, even those with disabilities.

Name it. Then do it.

A computer science degree from NC State is your key that opens doors to any career field. Want to save lives in the medical field? Predict the weather? Create the next superhero? Protect the environment? As a computer scientist, you can do it all—because your knowledge and skills drive the world's most important work.


Start at NC State

You already know about our reputation as a top-notch technology school. But you may not know how we earned that reputation. Our students are some of the most competitive in the nation because we provide these advantages:


Our location. We're on Centennial Campus, an award-winning 1,130-acre site that is home to over 100 large and small companies, government agencies and NC State research and teaching facilities. So you'll have access to some of the best resources and internships in the area. In fact, we're the only university that enables you to study topics like open source software—and then walk across the street to your internship at one of the area's leading technology companies, where you apply what you've learned. Or, you can travel just a few miles down the road to the Research Triangle Park, home of dozens of high tech companies. The payoff? You graduate with invaluable experience that can land you a great job right after graduation.


Our faculty. Every budding software engineer needs a brilliant mentor. Here at NC State, you can study under some of the world's leading minds in the computer science field…the rock stars of computing…the people whose names are on the text books! Our faculty include 21 NSF Career Award winners, ten members of the NC State Academy of Outstanding Teachers, six IEEE Fellows, and an Emmy award winner! Moreover, they are as concerned with their students' success as they are with their own. And with a strong diverse faculty, our students have role models to help them break new ground and achieve success.


Our facilities. Engineering Building 2 (EB2), our $41 million, 210,000 square foot, state-of-the-art teaching and research facility, which opened in 2006 is second to none. Equipped with a host of multimedia tools in every classroom, EB2 houses 12 research centers and more than 35 teaching and research laboratories and groups. Students enjoy a variety of comfortable lounges and gathering spaces, as well as an on-site Port City Java café.


Our value.NC State was recently named the nation's 6th Best Overall Public University Value by U.S. News & World Report, 21st -best value among all public colleges and universities by Kiplinger, and made Princeton Review's 2010 list for top 50 best values among colleges and universities. NC State's Masters of CSC degree was ranked #3 in's most recent Top Ranked Best Buys in Online Masters Degrees in Computer Science & IT. In 2013, the U.S. News & World Report ranked NC State 9th in the nation for online graduate programs in computer information technology. Consider that computer science related jobs dominate CNN's annual list of the 20 highest paying jobs, that ranked 'software engineer' as its top job in 2012 based on a variety of factors including salary, stress levels, hiring outlook, physical demands, and work environment, and that NC State graduates are among the most desired by recruiters, according to the Wall Street Journal. Even during the most challenging economic conditions since the Great Depression, demand for our computer science graduates has remained extremely strong, with December 2013 starting salaries averaging over $65,700 for undergrads and over $93,000 for our masters graduates (many exceeding $100,000).