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Full Professors Directory

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Name Position OfficePhoneemail
Dr. Donald Bitzer Distinguished University Research Professor 3302 EB II 515-3998
Dr. Wu-show Chou Professor Emeritus
Dr. Edward W. Davis Professor Emeritus
Dr. Jon Doyle Distinguished Professor 2298 EB II 513-0423 doyle AT
Dr. Rudra Dutta Professor 2274 EB II 515-8650 rdutta AT
Dr. Robert Fornaro Professor Emeritus fornaro AT
Dr. Christopher G. Healey Professor 2266 EB-II 513-8112 healey AT
Dr. Thomas L. Honeycutt Associate Professor Emeritus honeycut AT
Dr. James C. Lester Distinguished Professor 2402B EB 3 515-7534 lester AT
Dr. David F. McAllister Professor Emeritus 233-8164 mcallist AT
Dr. Timothy J. Menzies Professor 3298 EB II 304-376-2859 tim.menzies AT
Dr. Frank Mueller Professor 3266 EB II 515-7889 mueller AT
Dr. Peng Ning Professor 3258 EB II 513-4457 pning AT
Dr. Harry Perros Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor 2299 EB II 515-2041 hp AT
Dr. Michael Rappa Distinguished University Professor 230 Alliance Center 513-0480 michael_rappa AT
Dr. Douglas S. Reeves Professor 3278 EB II 515-2044 reeves AT
Dr. Injong Rhee Professor 3268 EB II 515-3305 rhee AT
Dr. Woody Robbins Professor Emeritus
Dr. Robert D. Rodman Professor 2314 EB II 515-7480 rodman AT
Dr. George N. Rouskas Professor 2306 EB II 515-3860 rouskas AT
Dr. Nagiza Samatova Professor 2272 EB II 513-7575 samatova AT
Dr. Carla D. Savage Professor 3262 EB II 515-7863 savage AT
Dr. Munindar P. Singh Professor 2256 EB II 515-5677 mpsingh AT
Dr. Matthias Stallmann Professor 2252 EB II 515-7978 matt_stallmann AT
Dr. William J. Stewart Professor 2304 EB II 515-7824 stewart AT
Dr. Alan L. Tharp Professor Emeritus alan_tharp AT
Dr. David Thuente Professor 3264 EB II 515-7003 thuente AT
Dr. Mladen Vouk Professor and AVP for Info Techn. 3308 EBII 513-0348 vouk AT
Dr. Laurie Williams Professor 3272 EB II 513-4151 lawilli3 AT
Dr. R. Michael Young Professor 530 Venture II 513-3038 young AT