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Current PhD Student Directory

The departmental Student directories follow the university campus-wide privacy block policies. If your name does not appear on this directory, it is possible due to a privacy flag and/or you are not currently registered. To learn how to change your privacy settings visit the Managing Your FERPA/Privacy Settings instructions page.

Alborzi,Farid falborz AT
Bahmani,Amir Hassan abahman AT
Chen,Guoxiang gchen7 AT
Chen,Guoyang gchen11 AT
Choo,Euijin echoo AT
Cusick,Mark Bellairs mbcusick AT
Das,Anwesha adas4 AT
Dean,Daniel Joseph djdean2 AT
Ding,Yufei yding8 AT
Gadiraju,Krishna Karthik kgadira AT
Gholkar,Neha ngholka AT
Jorgensen,Zachary zjorgen AT
K.C.,Kamal kkc AT
Kalia,Anup Kumar akkalia AT
Khasnis,Kaustubh Murlidhar kmkhasni AT
Krishna Prasad,Rahul rkrish11 AT
Lin,Chen clin12 AT
Liu,Qian qliu10 AT
Liu,Yang yliu43 AT
Liu,Zhongxiu zliu24 AT
Meredith,Jay Russell jrmeredi AT
Nair,Vivek vnair2 AT
Pandita,Rahul rpandit AT
Poosamani,Nithyananthan npoosam AT
Rahman,Akond Ashfaque Ur aarahman AT
Ravindran,Srinath sravind2 AT
Rezaei,Arash arezaei2 AT
Riaz,Maria mriaz AT
Talebi,Sahar stalebi AT
Tang,Houjun htang4 AT
Tanwir,Savera stanwir AT
Tendulkar,Vasant Sudhakar vstendul AT
Zhao,Yue yzhao30 AT