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Associate Professors Directory

To reduce spam, we have replaced the character @ with AT for each email address. Please replace the 'AT' in the address with @ to send email.

Name Office Phone email
Dr. Kemafor Anyanwu Ogan 2270 EB II 513-2850 kogan AT
Dr. Dennis R. Bahler 2262 EB II 515-3369 bahler AT
Dr. Tiffany Barnes 2401 EB 3 515-5764 tmbarnes AT
Dr. Rada Y. Chirkova 2276 EB II 513-3506 chirkova AT
Dr. Vincent W. Freeh 3292 EB II 513-7196 vwfreeh AT
Dr. Edward Gehringer 2413 EB 3 515-2066 efg AT
Dr. Xiaohui (Helen) Gu 3274 EB II 515-7045 gu AT
Dr. Khaled Harfoush 2264 EB II 513-7017 harfoush AT
Dr. Steffen Heber 2260 EB II 513-1118 & 3-2726 sheber AT
Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill 3296 EB II 513-0234 emerson AT
Dr. Xipeng Shen 3276 EB II 513-7577 xshen5 AT
Dr. Robert St. Amant 2268 EB II 515-7938 stamant AT
Dr. Jessica Staddon 3256 EB II jnstaddo AT
Dr. Ranga Vatsavai 2254 EB II 515-6019 rrvatsav AT
Dr. Ben Watson 2280 EB II 513-0325 bwatson AT