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Who Do I see About...

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Procedure Person Responsible
Access to Building/Classroom/Labs equipped with Access Card Readers. Linda Honeycutt (primary) Marhn Fullmer (secondary)
Appointments for EPA and SPA Linda Honeycutt - Forms due by 20th of the month
NOTE:  Prior approval by CSC Research Office (Ann Hunt) if 5 account funds are utilized
Building security, problems with lighting, air conditioning, minor, non-minors issues, etc. For EBII: Todd Gardner & Carol Allen - Please provide Room Number with your request
For Daniels, MRC, and EBIII: Todd Gardner
  • For CSC classroom A/V issues contact
  • For classroom facility issues, contact the University classroom hotline: 515-1555
  • For minor facility issues, contact Carol Allen
  • For non-minor facility issues, contact Todd Gardner
Computer software and hardware support
Conference room scheduling Carol Allen or Linda Honeycutt - Include day, time, and room number
Contracts & Grants Ann Hunt (Pre Award); Ann Hunt (Post Award) - Include Grant number
Course scheduling Dana Lasher
For CSC 600 or CSC 800 level courses contact: Andrew Sleeth or Kathy Luca
Have course number, time, and number of students
Current graduate student issues Kathy Luca - Registration and PINS, patent agreements, plans-of-work, requesting exams, graduation process, leaves-of-absence, assistantship pay questions, and tuition bill questions.
Current undergraduate student issues Barbara Adams- Registration and PINS
Department Head's calendar Linda Honeycutt
Distribute Checks Carol Allen - Monthly and bi-weekly
Effort reports (TEARS) Ann Hunt - Check and obtain signature
Faculty Start Up Funds Linda Honeycutt
Faculty Time and Effort Ann Hunt - Track NSF 2 month salary and overall PI effort
Fax sending/receiving Carol Allen- You will be notified of receipt of fax. Have fax telephone number to send a fax.
Fed Ex/special delivery sending/receiving Carol Allen- Notified by phone or E-Mail of receipt. Have full street address and phone number to send package.
Final grade reports Dana Lasher - Online for faculty
Forms for summer pay Linda Honeycutt
Foundation/Discretionary Funds Linda Honeycutt & Camille Cox
Grade change forms (undergraduate and graduate) This is handled typically via SIS. Or contact Zelda Tuazamafor other special circumstances.
Graduate students advising MCS (non-thesis) William Stewart
Graduate students advising MS and PhD George Rouskas
Graduate students advising MSCN (Computer Networking) Harry Perros
Graduate students room assignments (after cleared with appropriate faculty) Todd Gardner - Key card signed by appropriate faculty
Immigration matters OIS, Daniels 320
HR - International Employment
Keys to office and lock changes for Daniels, EBII, EBIII, & MRC Linda Honeycutt -Room Number for rekeying
Leave records Linda Honeycutt & Carol Allen - SPA and leave earning EPA, maintain and reconcile
Administrative Office staff management Linda Honeycutt - Special requests, personnel problems
Office & teaching supply purchases Carol Allen
Supplies on hand, inventory and ordering; special orders, please ask; PRIOR APPROVAL IS REQUIRED
Payroll for bi-weekly Camille Cox, Wei-Ling Chou - Forms completed by supervisors -- deadlines posted
Photocopying Carol Allen - MANDATORY 24 hr turnaround time
Purchases under $5,000 Ann Hunt (5-accounts)
Linda Honeycutt
(non 5-accounts)
How to Place an Order for items under $5,000.00 Instructions
See also MarketPlace Instructions for ordering computers and peripherals (pdf)
Purchases $5,000 and over Ann Hunt (5-accounts)Linda Honeycutt (non 5-accounts)
Please provide grant/project number, suggested vendor
Recruitment Linda Honeycutt
Research Development - Funding Opportunities Ann Hunt
State Appropriated Funds Linda Honeycutt- Including start-up, return of release time, and other special funding
Supervise and train student assistants Linda Honeycutt
Teaching assistantships George Rouskas & Kathy Luca
Telephone list (updates) Carol Allen & Linda Honeycutt
Typing, word-processing Carol Allen- Reasonable turnaround time
Textbook ordering

Carol Allen - Orders due in bookstore October 15 and March 15, orders due in office three weeks prior

Travel authorizations Linda Honeycutt (non 5-accounts) Ann Hunt (5-accounts)Authorizations -- three weeks before.
(If first time traveling, see Linda Honeycutt or Ann Hunt PRIOR to traveling.)
Travel reimbursements Camille Cox (non 5-accounts) & Wei-Ling Chou
Ann Hunt (5-accounts)
Submission of reimbursement request within 15 days after trip
Undergraduate students Barbara Adams- Director of Undergraduate Advising